This gallery has more than 22 500 photos organized into albums by year and location or event. My best motives and other time-independent collections may be found in the "Photo Collections" album.

Photo collections centered on topics, geographical locations, time-periods and people.
  • Time Periods 83 photos in 11 sub-albums Time Periods
  • My best motives 280 photos My best motives
  • Best of Fitje 23 photos Best of Fitje
  • Best of Gloppen 18 photos Best of Gloppen
  • Best of UAE 50 photos Best of UAE
  • Best of Oman 51 photos Best of Oman
  • Best of Russia 10 photos Best of Russia
  • Signs and Posters 35 photos Signs and Posters
  • Oddly enough 12 photos Oddly enough